Welcome to Ipsos- Napoleón Franco

Welcome to Ipsos Napoleón Franco

Ipsos Napoleón Franco, an organization of passionate research professionals that aims to give a voice of their own to citizens and consumers, so that the society and market can take better care of your needs.

We explore, deepen and confront the conventional knowledge, evaluate market potentials and read into their trends, we also try advertisement and products and help our clients build long-term relationships with their consumers. We study hearings and their responses to different media; additionally we measure the public opinion from around the globe.

We have 5 Business Units; each one specialized in different influence areas of market research and public opinion.

unidades de negocio

Each senior account manager runs a team of expert researchers in any of the Ipsos specialization units, who develop their projects with the support of the following departments:

  • Statistics and Sampling
  • Processing (Software and Data Management)
  • Field Central
  • Systems and Tech Support
  • Qualitative & Quantitative Studies
  • Human Resources and Administration